100th Coffee Break and Ramblin' About Preferences

The Coffee Breaks are adding up! Today is number 100. Still holding true to my goal of posting a new video every day.

I'm a huge fan of Interact quizzes as leading-edge marketing tools, and the people who work there are gems. Go try Interact now and see why I've decided to be one of their affiliates: https://interact.grsm.io/jboh69i54xwj 

One of their recently added quiz templates asks, "What Does Your Coffee Say About You?" 

I still don't know for sure what my coffee's opinion of me is and why it matters, but we all have preferences that drive our decisions. I like my Thai food spicy, whole my other family members like it mild. I love some music, while I'm meh about other music. 

A big part of understanding other people is observing their preferences. And it's also important to honor your own. Listen to this 100th Virtual Coffee Break episode to hear more and thanks always for spending your time and attention with me.

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