Behind the Scenes Marketing

If you would rather be stung by bees than give a talk or presentation, this one is for you. If you would rather wash dishes than go to networking meetings, this one is for you. If you make better connections working shoulder to shoulder with other people than through social media, this one is definitely for you.

In this Coffee Break, I share one of my favorite marketing strategies - Behind the Scenes Marketing. It's easy to understand. Show up and offer to help other people's events shine. Volunteer for community organizations and events. Be on the planning team for the Rotary literacy project fundraiser. Sing in the choir at church. Bring baked beans and rice to the coven potluck.

One of the most common complaints from business owners is the people they need to reach aren't accessible. No, they really are, but just not at the networking meeting. They do show up in lots of other places. Long and interesting conversations can be had when you show up in places to help and serve. Those conversations may well lead to opportunities. 

My favorites? TEDx planning teams and production crews. Poetry readings. Art shows. Gallery openings. Artist talks. Community work days. Habitat for Humanity projects. Behind the scenes marketing is an amazing way to find and connect with the people you need to know and who need to know you.

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