The Value of Creative Work

My friend, Dre Beltrami at is ready to release a new offer later this week. I reviewed it today, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Dre is reliably generous and knows how to put a lot of value into any package, but this will be over the top. The package that she'll be giving away could be priced at hundreds of dollars, yet she is giving it away in exchange for an email address.

I wondered about the ever-changing line between what we give away and what we charge for. How can we as creators continue to put our time, talent, and energy into making valuable things for people and keep giving them away? I don't have answers here, but I do feel the concern of many who wonder how we will ever make a sustainable living if we continue to give away what we make.

I'm not dissing Dre here. I think she's a genius, and I have elected myself her fan club president. And her strategy here does lead to a paying offer of her services for a day. I became aware that even though she was giving away the tools, I didn't have the talent to use them with the same level of skill that she does, which in a play of reverse psychology showed me I really needed to pay for her help.

There isn't a rulebook for pricing what you deliver. It will continue to be a dance between the creator and the consumer of setting a price that both can live with. But it's still a crazy world in which the marketplace has a range of prices from free on up. Deciding what to charge in times like these will only get more challenging.

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