Wealthy Women Don't Pinch Pennies - LeAndra Foster

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LeAndra Foster encourages women to take vows of wealth to replace their past habits of scarcity and poverty. It starts with educating themselves about money, then working out the relationships they have with money, and leads to allowing themselves to be wealthy.

You'll hear her story of realizing her wealth had surpassed seven figures but still living like the girl from the farm community where she grew up who didn't want to lose her sense of belonging.

You'll also hear about her coaching programs - Double Your Profits in 30 Days and The Practical Magical Millionaire, which will be starting very soon.

To learn more about LeAndra and her upcoming programs, visit https://linktr.ee/elanlyfe

To attend her virtual presentation of the Wealthy Women Don't Pinch Pennies talk on April 11th, register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wealthy-women-dont-pinch-pennies-tickets-296854889967

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