The Intrinsic Value of Creative Experience


Listening to my son practicing drums. He started only a couple of months ago, and he's finding a knack for it quickly. It's also the first instrument he's played that he hasn't lost interest in after only a few lessons. I'm enjoying watching this happen.

Creative activities teach us more about ourselves, life, and the world we inhabit as much or more than any other pursuit. In the video, I compare creativity to sacraments, outward and visible manifestations of inward, invisible graces. For many of us, our creative time does carry a sense of sacredness that other times don't.

While I wish every human would find this side of themselves, I know many don't, and I'm curious why this is. Is it a personality trait, a learned preference, a socialized lesson, a sad result of childhood ridicule and comparison? What keeps people from seeking and finding their own expressions?

Finding mine when I did saved my life, and it's given me a center to return to every time I've allowed myself to stray and get hooked into thinking I need to do "more important things." Creativity is a path to transcendent experience on par with meditation and other spiritual practices. And while some say something so frivolous couldn't be of any value, others know that it's the pearl of great price that is to be given a place of honor and respect.

I'm delighted in my son's new discovery and in revisiting my own. May you discover and rediscover yours as often and as deeply as you can.

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