How Long Until We Get There? (Get Your Creative Project Finished Now!)

Do you have enough time to work on your dream creative project? What other commitments, responsibilities, and distractions keep you from getting started and finished? 

For many of us, the frustration of working on our projects only sporadically keeps us from seeing them through. I've experienced that on many of my projects. 

My first and only CD took over two years to finish, from when the first song was written until the release concert. During that time, I moved three times and changed jobs twice, and a week before the release concert, 9/11 happened.

How any of our projects ever get finished is miraculous, especially with the busyness of life. 

My clients manage full-time jobs, parenting, mental health challenges, personal tragedies, and more. Finding time to create is not at the top of the list for many of them, but they are getting it done.

People hire me to help them start, finish, and launch their creative passion projects. Together, we've created and launched blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, online courses, coaching programs, social media content, books, quizzes, websites, events, businesses, and more. 

I help them test concepts, develop strategies, build production systems, plan schedules, make weekly action lists, and stay on task through weekly coaching calls. Working with me shortens the time and avoids common challenges and distractions of trying to figure it all out for themselves.

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