Does Your New Microphone Sound Bad?

A lot of people are investing in new microphones as videos and podcasts become more popular. Many of these people are excited to open the box and plug in the USB, but the microphone's performance is less than stellar when they do. 

Like the emperor with the new clothes, everyone tells them it sounds great, but tin cans with a string would sound better than the laptop mic they've been using. When they hear the recordings of their online conversations, they realize their new mic isn't quite as stellar as they'd hoped.

Most of the time, the mic isn't the problem. It's just being misused. High-quality microphones are very sensitive, and they are designed to be used with some pretty strict parameters. They have a sweet spot, and if you miss it, they suck.

If you've gotten a new microphone lately and want to make sure it's set up for optimal sound quality, take a few minutes and schedule a free microphone placement session with me. We'll get on Zoom with our microphones and headphones and find out where it sounds best for your voice. And if there are problems, we'll troubleshoot them.

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