Repackaging Your Greatest Skills

Rethinking and repurposing how we package and present our skills for new opportunities is on my mind tonight. Why couldn't a trained journalist bring her interviewing skills into a role where she is interviewing customers of a business for well-articulated testimonials?

What if the person who has been waiting tables for ten years repackaged his ability to remember specific people, their requests, needs, and desires and translated that ability into meeting facilitation?

What if the music producer who can take apart a $5000 microphone and put it back together again in working order could learn her way around wiring homes for electricity?

In yesterday's video, I was wondering about how solopreneurs and freelancers can break free of the idea that their day jobs and side hustles need to be minimal and low-wage. In today's video, I ask the following question in the sequence. What do you already know that you can get paid really well for?

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