A Late Night Ramble

It's been an exciting weekend with birthday celebrations, Dr. Strange, and a Sunday afternoon band rehearsal. My voice is scratchy and my heart is full, and I don't have much in the way of focus, so I'm going to turn on the camera and see what happens.

First, a thank you for the kind birthday wishes! I'm delighted to still be alive and in possession of some of my better faculties. It meant a lot to receive so many kind notes yesterday.

I've been working a lot on low-cost marketing courses. I hear from people every week who are thrown by the expense of marketing their businesses, finding the expenditure of time, energy, and money to be more than they'd anticipated, and in some cases more than they can handle.

I teach simple systems that rely on low-cost tools. The main point I want to talk about in this video is that it's difficult to pay your way out of the aspects of marketing you don't want to do for yourself. Yes, you can hire people to do things for you and to make different parts of your marketing system, but at some point, you have to be the one making the connections. I want to show you what I know about doing that.

Another part of this ramble is to remind artists that their patrons, too buy things based on their needs and desires. Understanding their process of finding and deciding to buy art will be a good thing to learn. I teach that, too.

I'll stop there, but I appreciate your spending your time and attention with me.

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