Finding Your Original Recipe


We've been watching Stanley Tucci - Searching for Italy on CNN and loving it. My Italian Sweetie is inspired by the show and we're both blown away by the quality and variety of the food he's finding.

He's visiting 20 regions and revealing the unique menu in each. I'm amazed to see the difference, even in regions that are connected to each other geographically. Every one of them has a different food repertoire based on several factors - available ingredients, customs, cultural identity, culinary traditions, and even political influence all play a part in the food a locale is known for.

If you've ever tried to cook from someone else's recipe, you may have found that you followed every instruction exactly and still found that you weren't pleased with the result. So the next time you cooked it, you made changes according to your own preferences and ideas. And this time it came out much more to your liking. And at some point, you started from scratch and made it the way you wanted from beginning to end and you came up with your own original way and the results were most satisfying.

This Coffee Break is about finding that recipe, the one that is uniquely yours to discover and refine and share. Some will love it, some will want to change it, and others will walk away hungry. Such is life!

These are the kinds of explorations and discoveries I lead people on in my coaching. Contact me to schedule your first session.

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