Dreaming About a Test I Haven't Studied For


You may hear faint drum beats in the background of this one as my kid copes with some anxiety about upcoming final exams by pummeling his drums.

I was not a great student, but I wasn't stupid. I was a slow reader, slow cipher, slow test taker, and a D student until I barely graduated, defeating the odds and the expectations of my guidance counselor.

I had professors in college who pointed out that if I learned through discussion, my test scores leaped. 

I was a good learner, but I had my own way of navigating the learning process, more of a meandering stream than a direct route

I know that feeling of anxiety before tests. Even the common nightmare of showing up for school to fin there is a test and I haven't studied is one I still have, 41 years after graduating from high school (oops it'll be 42 years as of Friday).

No matter how you learn, I honor the fact that you are capable of learning and I know that you'll figure out soon enough that you were doing the best you could in a system of educators that didn't yet understand the diversity of learning styles.

1.9 GPA. Yep.

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