The Power of Gifting - Linda Eskridge

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As an Executive Assistant and a Virtual Assistant, Linda Eskridge realized that much of her responsibility was finding unique and meaningful gifts for the people she worked for to give to prospects, customers, and clients. They wanted more of a personal touch than sending the common branded notepads, pens, and t-shirts.

Through these experiences, she had the idea that offering her services as a gifting consultant might actually have a place and Couture Business Gifting was born. Linda is hired by busy entrepreneurs, executives, and yes, their assistants in the process of research, acquisition, packaging, and delivery of gifts that build strong relationships between her clients and their customers.

In this episode, she lets us know:

** The importance of building good relationships with customers.

** Research to find the interests and passions of the gift recipients.

** Creating a progressive gifting strategy.

** Remembering to include the gatekeepers.

And more...

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