How Not to Network

In marketing, we want to be remembered, but we probably want to make sure we're remembered for the right kinds of things. Like how we treat other people, and how we make our point and do the things we need to do, but not at the expense of another person's value and dignity.

We've all heard about the importance of making a good first impression. So when we go into a new group of people for the first time, how do we want people to see and remember us? Do you want to be remembered as a person with great ideas and insights, or do you want to be experienced as a self-centered, arrogant hidden body part? It's up to you.

I've had the privilege to meet some exceptional people over the past couple of years through online activities that may have not happened without a pandemic-fueled quarantine to thank. But I wouldn't have gotten to know this if I'd have come into these situations with a rigid agenda to pitch and sell and take over. These relationships are paying off over and over as they've grown, and I've contributed to them as much as they've contributed to me - without feeling like I have to always be closing. 

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