Energy Management After a Late Night

If you struggle with energy fluctuations as you're working, here is a simple system I use to make decisions about how I spend my time.

Many of the people who hire me have challenges with physical stamina, as I do. Dealing with an autoimmune thyroid disorder is a daily crapshoot when it comes to predicting energy levels. I have to do this on a moment-by-moment basis.

As far as I'm concerned energy and focus are the same thing. I can't focus without energy. So throughout the day I'm checking in with my body and rating my energy level on a scale of one to ten. The video will tell you more about what I do from there.

This all came on because last night I had a burst of ideas at bedtime that I couldn't risk losing, so I worked until 1:30 when my body said it was finished. So it goes with creativity. When the wave comes, you ride it or you watch it come and go.

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