Social Media Giveth and Social Media Taketh Away

I've been online since 1995. I've seen all kinds of platforms come and go, from Usenet groups to AOL and Yahoo groups, to MySpace, to every iteration of Facebook and Twitter. I'm late to the Instagram and Pinterest game, and I was possessed by the recent success my friend Meridith Grundei has had on TikTok to just take a look.

Social media platforms haven't been easy places to build and maintain good quality relationships for the most part. They change too frequently and they seem to benefit by staying more than moderately chaotic. I participate in a few groups where great conversations happen, but other than those, I'd rather spend time elsewhere.

I think we need to build our communities so that they're social media proof. I'm not convinced that email is the answer but in the midst of all the commotion, there are pockets of great communities that would be good no matter where they showed up. The Interact Community is the one I mentioned in the Coffee Break.

Interact quizzes are spectacular tools for a growing number of marketing and business applications, but the software is complemented by an outstanding community of teachers, designers, and users who keep showing up to help each other succeed. The community is only open to people who subscribe to the service so if you're curious, use my affiliate link to join, thanks. See what I mean for yourself.

One last caution. Don't write a course about a social media platform. It will be obsolete before you publish it.

Thanks for being here!

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