ChatGPT Plus KDP Equals Self Published Book in Six Days


I've wanted to write and publish a book since I was a kid. I'm old now, so that's a long time to have a dream. I've started books many times in my life, but the determination and persistence to finish them have eluded me.

I've had a lot of questions and concerns about AI. I know - I'm not alone. I've heard so many rumors, speculations, panic, and misinformation about all of it these past few months. Will it take jobs? Yes, it will. When? I don't know for sure. Some sooner, some later. Will our social structures and economy be able to weather the changes? Most likely not, at least from what we know now. But we'll know more later. That's how life works.

Anyhow. I collected all my questions, thinking I'd write yet another book. Then I got discouraged at the amount of research I'd need to do to adequately answer the questions and decided to shelve the idea until three Sundays ago. I had the thought that I should put my questions into ChatGPT and see what happens. An hour and fifteen minutes later, I had a manuscript.

Straight from the Bot's Mouth: A Conversation with ChatGPT ABout Artificial Intelligence is the result. The time between entering my first questions and publishing Kindle and paperback versions? Six days. To me, it feels both like I cheated on a test and witnessed a miracle. You can see the book here:

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