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If you’re using LinkedIn for developing new business connections, you’ll want to meet Tracey Burnett. She helps, coaches, consultants, and other professionals identify their best-suited clients, create compelling messages, optimize their profiles, find their core audience, and develop strategies to build relationships in creative, authentic ways through consistent content creation and interaction. The results her clients experience due to her guidance in their LinkedIn activities keep them coming back. 

30 years ago, Tracey Burnett found herself without a job, a home, or a relationship, and decided to go in a direction with her life that she’d never intended to go – entrepreneurship. She saw an opportunity in helping designers find corporate opportunities and dove into the world of coaching, consulting, and self-employment. Over the next two years, she generated $470,000 in revenue and her journey had only started.

For the past few years, Tracey has seen the growing trend of entrepreneurs using LinkedIn to build customer relationships and she recognized a new opportunity where her decades of business and marketing experience could make a huge difference for business owners who want to get the most out of their social media time. Shunning the popular trends of bots, automation, and cold pitching, Tracey’s approach is highly personal, service-oriented, and very effective.

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