Letting Go of Perfectionism - Audrey Holst

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Perfectionism is a part of the human experience that has many definitions and is perceived by some to be a positive character trait while others view it as an obstacle to success. It’s a common factor that isn’t related to one personality type over others, isn’t limited to high achievers or low, and can affect people at every level of self-image. If you’ve ever believed that you had to show up a certain way to be accepted or had to have all your circumstances exactly in order before you could start working on something or have hidden something you’ve done after comparing it to the work of others, you’ve experienced perfectionism.

Audrey Holst is a coach who guides perfectionists and stressed-out high achievers and performers that are ready to start enjoying and living the life they've worked so hard for. She teaches her clients simple and practical tools of self-discovery to move through old patterns of perfectionism into greater freedom and open-hearted living. In this episode of Your Own Best Company, she tells us how to work with the different types of perfectionism – and introduces a body awareness practice that she teaches her clients.

Audrey offers a free guide on the 5 Perfectionist Archetypes if you're interested in her approach and the way she works. It helps people identify their primary archetype and what step in the Fortitude & Flow® process to start with to create immediate change. You can grab that guide by heading to https://fortitudeandflow.com/perfectionist.




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