I Work For Courageous People

When I look at the list of clients that I have worked with over the years, the most remarkable thing to see that they all have in common is that they all possess tremendous courage. Whether they are teachers, authors, artists, poets, designers, musicians, dancers, entrepreneurs, or any others of the hundreds of people I've worked with, their lives are shaped by the courage within them that won't settle for anything less than a path that they carve out for themselves. It is humbling to be in their presence.

To them it doesn't feel all that significant; it's just something they are doing. They get embarrassed if I imply at all that they are in the least bit courageous. Courage in their minds is reserved for firefighters and skydivers, extreme skiers and daredevils. What they don't realize is that their courage sets them apart from a large majority of the rest of the world. The author who writes every day despite not knowing in the least whether what he's writing will be of any insightful use to anyone, or the filmmaker who presses on through the middle of her project after the initial adrenaline has been spent three times, or the artist who knows that the very act of making art can transform the lives of the women that she teaches. Every one of my clients is a courageous person.

If there's anything more valuable than courage, I don't know what it is. Without courage an idea is just a vapor of thought, an action is guaranteed to fall short of it's greatest potential, and will stays frozen in a state of limbo. A courageous will turns idea into action, imagination into reality, thought into behavior. Courage is the conscious choice to create, no matter what resistance may show up. It's opening your will to a greater possibility than you've experienced so far. It's the bridge between the world you imagine and the world that you create. It's courage that puts pen to page, brush to canvas, fingers to strings, story on film.

Without courage the best that can be generated is mediocrity. Mediocrity is the embodiment of lesser emotions like jealousy, insecurity, and fear. Courage is expansive, constructive, life giving, and vital. Just the experience of being in a state of courage makes any related activity worth the while. My clients know this, show this and inspire this. I am deeply grateful.