Franklin on the Mindful Evolution Podcast with Leah Drew

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One of the highlights of attending last Summer's Podcast Movement conference in Denver was the random meeting in a discussion on blogging with a new podcaster named Leah Drew. I don't remember the specific content of our conversation, but I remember the instant feeling of connection with a kindred spirit. In the few times we've spoken since the conference, that sense has only been reinforced.

Leah was preparing to launch her podcast called The Mindful Evolution Podcast to share her own insights and those of her guests relating to soulful, holistic healing. In passing, we talked about how my own path in the past few years had been about coming face to face with my own shadow self, that side of me that I have wanted to hide from everyone, including me. She asked if I would be willing to share that part of my experience on her podcast. While it's not easy to admit these things, I agreed to the interview.

Leah creates a welcoming and safe space in her interviews for sharing to go where it needs to go. I don't often get a chance to talk about how much my spiritual path has been centered on work and business. I've talked in a few settings about my religious past, and some of the personal insights and openings I've had, but I rarely talk about the spiritual practice and significance of entrepreneurship and vocation. 

Leah opened the door for these topics to come front and center. I appreciate her willingness to take the conversation to these places. To be honest, I had forgotten much of the content of our interview in the time since we recorded it. It was a pleasure to revisit these months later.

I hope you'll enjoy what you hear. Also, remember that subscribing, reviewing, sharing, and interacting are all wonderful things to exchange for the energy and effort that Leah has infused into this show.