Diversity in Podcasting

I was asked a great question in the Podcasting for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Fort Collins Startup Week the other day. It was pointed out that the three case studies I'd used in the presentation were all hosted by white males, and the question that followed was "are there any podcasts you can recommend that are hosted by women or people of color?"

Right off the bat I went blank and could only think of a couple, but I remembered more as the day went on and since then. I thought I'd make a list of the ones I've enjoyed most frequently:

Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel and Eric Siu - Daily marketing insights and strategies. These guys breathe this stuff.

Art Biz Podcast with Alyson Stanfield - I've learned so much from reading Alyson's Art Biz Success blog, and her latest podcasts have been excellent. The recent one featuring my friend Jan R. Carson is a favorite.

Changeable with Amy Johnson - Amy is a counselor and therapist whose shows I always seem to feel compelled to download, even if the title isn't particularly appealing. She's a great interviewer and her insights and discussions make a positive difference in my day.

Copywriting for Sales Pages with Deborah Owen - Debbie Owen is a force of nature in the marketing and copywriting world. Some will know her from her association with marketing guru Todd Brown and his Marketing Mind podcast, but this show is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to write better marketing copy.

Flirting with Enlightenment with Katrina Pfannkuch - My friend Katrina can polish a multi-faceted topic with the eye of a jeweler on a freshly cut gem. This is an enjoyable show that really looks deeply into mind, body and spirit to cull new insights and perspectives.

$100 MBA with Omar Zenhom - Another daily podcast that packs a hearty business punch. Omar is a competent teacher, and he's been in the online business world for a long time. I have learned a bunch from him.

Tell Your Story Better with Izolda Trakhtenberg - I've known Izolda for over 20 years as a songwriter, an intuitive, and as a performer. We'd lost touch until recently when I reconnected with her in a podcasting forum on Facebook. Her new podcast is an excellent resource for people who want to polish up their communication skills. She's a great resource for people who want to find their voice.

Reinventing Nerds with Joanie Connell - Joanie is another good friend of mine who started this great show last year. I was honored to be her first guest! I'm amazed at the interviews that she is doing, and she's finding some excellent topics in the area of helping those with a more technical and logical focus begin to communicate better with their teams.

The Feed LibSyn Podcast with Elsie Escobar and Rob Walch - These two have been around the podcasting scene for years and their shows are exceptional resources for anyone in podcasting.

Startalk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson - I never get tired of hearing him explain things. Ever.

Tales with Tails with Monique Renee - Pet photographer Monique Renee tells wonderful pet stories. Some will make you laugh hysterically, some will make you tear up. She's a great story teller and I love this show!

These are just a handful that I listen to regularly. The podcasting world is exploding with new shows from all over the world. There are always new shows to find with every perspective and heritage under the sun. Share the ones you love!