Thank You and Looking Ahead...

 I've had a couple of good days of rest after a particularly full and challenging year. I'm excited to have a few days to recover and clean out the corners to get ready for 2017. Before I do that, I'd like to send gratitude to so many people. While it wasn't the easiest year, I was surrounded by love and goodness in a multitude of forms.

I'm grateful first to Monica and B, and our little dog, too. For those who don't know, my dad spent the last year living with us in between independent and assisted living facilities. I didn't know the extent to which he would need to be taken care of, and our little family rose to the occasion. We made sure he was clean and fed, and Vinnie would have little visits with him. We had another family member for a few months in the midst of that. The identity isn't important, but it's only to say that we had our hands full.  Thankfully that chapter is closed. Despite the added stress and overwhelm, we managed to stay engaged and creative.

More gratitude flows to all the people who participated in individual coaching and workshops this year. My practice has been intentionally small in order to meet the other demands of life, but the people who hire me are some of the most talented and inspiring people that I know. I was able to pilot two new workshop programs, Making Your Own Way, and AUDIENCE! I've only just gotten started with these two programs, and the first AUDIENCE! Workshop for 2017 starts next week. I remain committed to helping creative professionals see bigger possibilities, have the courage to pursue them, and find ways to make them a reality.

The Three Principles discussion group that meets at Unity of Fort Collins on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month has become a source of delight and support. This is a lighthearted group who gets together to share experiences and reflect on how the principles of mind, consciousness and thought are unfolding for each of us. It's an open group so please consider yourself permanently invited to participate. Love offerings are welcome. Meetings are from 7-8:30. This video series is a good place to start in terms of understanding the main theme of our discussion.

I'm also thrilled to remain busy in the music realms. In May I'll celebrate my third year as the music director at Unity of Fort Collins. I'm surrounded my talented and generous people there, who continue to bring their gifts forward to serve the community. I feel lucky to be a part of it. I also am grateful for my other playing opportunities with Taggart & Silas, Vi Wickam & Friends, and Paul Chet and the Whiskey Chickens. We played some wonderful events this year! We're lucky to live in an area with so many music venues and opportunities. So far, the music calendar is pretty thin for the coming year, but I know that will turn around before you know it. The Gigs & Events tab above will take you to a page with two calendars. All of my appearances are there, so you can find them as you wish. Most of all, thank you to the people who hire us and the people who listen. You make it all worthwhile.

2017 is going to be full. I've got so many projects at various stages of completion that will see the light of day this year. I am planning on releasing two albums of music. The first is a collection of song demos I recorded over the past couple of years. There are a handful of songs I've played for several years that will be included, along with a few that I don't play frequently, but still love. The second album will be a recording of the songs I've written for Unity services over the past few years. Paul Chet and the Whiskey Chickens are set to release a full length album sometime late spring, and I would love to get an EP out in the world featuring Taggart & Silas. I'll be appearing sporadically on KRFC 88.9 FM in Fort Collins as both a Live at Lunch host and as one of the team of hosts for a new show, Your Roots Are Showing, Saturday afternoons from 4-6PM. I appreciate the folks who tune in.

In addition to the music, I have a couple of books that I would love to finish. The first is a companion to the AUDIENCE! Workshop, the second is a short book on discovering your internal source of infinite wisdom, freedom and creativity. As I said before the AUDIENCE! Workshops are starting next week. I'll be adding another session in Fort Collins in the near future, along with an online live streamed workshop for authors. I am also hoping to offer the workshop as a prerecorded online course later in the year. I'm also getting ready to schedule Wisdom, Freedom, and Creativity retreats in February, May and October.  These three day retreats will be unforgettable experiences that will rejuvenate and inspire. If you'd like to know about any of these events, just send me a request here.

I've been exposed this year to the hell of living in apathy(thankfully not my own). I am, more than ever, grateful to know that my imagination is limitless, my power flows from that, and that I create to serve those I love. This is an amazing life! I wish you all the best of years in 2017.