I'm Franklin Taggart. I grew up in Wyoming and have lived many places in my lifetime. My first love is music. I received my first guitar in 1975 and have called myself a musician ever since. My first professional gigs took place in 1979. I had the good fortune of being a student in the Casper College music department when the faculty included some of the best teachers I could have asked for, and was given loads of performing opportunities. I finished my formal education at Anderson University in Indiana in 1986 with a degree in Music Industry.

I've also had a handful of meaningful day jobs that have allowed me to play music all over the country. These day jobs have included group home counselor, youth minister, violence prevention program coordinator, gang intervention program coordinator, conflict resolution trainer, delinquency prevention consultant, corporate transition trainer, guitar teacher, recording engineer and producer, community builder, and personal coach.

During the course of a lengthy illness several years ago I recognized that I had a gift for helping people see bigger possibilities for themselves, and for helping them find the courage to realize those possibilities. I'm particularly passionate about bringing this gift to people who want to place their creativity at the center of their profession. Since then I've worked with many people who I now count as colleagues and friends in making their creative livelihood a reality.

Before everything else I am a husband and dad. My interests include spiritual understanding, community building, walking the dog, reading, and getting to know people. I invite you to get in touch.

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