Creating a Business, and Attraction in Marketing - Two Conversations with Michelle Nedelec


Two podcast covers featuring Michelle Nedelec, the host of Business Ownership Podcast and the Little Blue Pill for Business Podcasts

Your Own Best Company podcast listeners heard me interview Michelle Nedelec back in May about the rebellious nature of entrepreneurship. Click here if you missed it!

Since that episode, I've had more opportunities to talk with Michelle on two of her podcasts, The Business Ownership Podcast and The Little Blue Pill for Business Podcast. Michelle is a brilliant entrepreneur, a prolific podcaster(hosting and producing five shows at last count), a top-notch interviewer, and wickedly funny for the win. 

I'll feature my interviews below, but in case you want to get in touch with her, Michelle can be found at, and on LinkedIn at

Our first conversation was for The Business Ownership Podcast on the topic of

Creating a Creative Business

We had a lot of fun talking about how creative people with little or no business experience can learn the ropes quickly and develop the business that allows them to continue creating. 

The second of our interviews was an innuendo-filled, dry-wit-riddled, funny but serious flirtation about 

Attraction and Marketing 

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Thanks, Michelle Nedelec, for the fun conversations!