The Entrepreneurial Rebel - Michelle Nedelec


Michelle Nedelec, business strategist, Alberta, Canada, marketing information for solopreneurs on Your Own Best Company, a podcast for people who love to work alone.
Michelle Nedelec

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Being her own boss seemed like the best option after being fired from a job working for someone else - her sister. 28 career pivots later, Michelle Nedelec has gathered a toolbelt full of business experiences that she draws from as she helps other business owners and executives navigate their marketing challenges. She's also a sought-after speaker, the host of five podcasts at last count, and a wickedly wise business strategist.

In this episode of Your Own Best Company, Michelle opens up about:

** Being led by curiosity.

** Finding opportunities in surprising places.

** Insanity as a marketing strategy.

** The important distinction between employee and owner.

** How to become a certified forklift operator wearing six-inch stilettos.

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