A Discussion of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert with Iggy Perillo on the Books Applied Podcast


Podcast cover image for Books APplied Podcast with Iggy Perillo of WSL Leadership. This episode features a discussion with Franklin Taggart about the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert with Franklin Taggart
The idea for the Books Applied Podcast is one of the most fun and creative I've run across. Iggy Perillo of WSL Leadership is the creator and host. The premise of Books Applied is that Iggy invites people to read a book related to their professional expertise and then discuss it on the podcast. So much fun!

The book I was invited to discuss was Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert, the celebrated author of Eat, Pray, Love. 

I had already downloaded the book on my Kindle probably two years earlier, but Iggy's invitation was the impetus to crack the cover and read it.

I won't give away the whole conversation, but I'll spill the beans on a couple of things to listen for. Iggy and I both had lukewarm responses to Eat, Pray, Love. We each had our own reasons, but it didn't make our recommended reading lists. In Big Magic, I found much to agree with and felt very affirmed by many things she wrote. I did feel like there was a push to make the creative process feel out of reach for some people, which I challenged. And I appreciated that she offered some alternative positions about depending on your creative work to make a living. The one thing I loved most was her suggestion that her work supported her writing so that she didn't have to weigh down her work under the need for it to be financially successful.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and don't hesitate to recommend it. And I think Iggy's idea and approach to podcasting are a refreshing offer amidst a sea of mediocre, ill-produced podcasts. Please remember to subscribe, review, and share Books Applied Podcast! Find more about Iggy here: https://www.wslleadership.com/

and here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iggyperillo/

Listen to the discussion of Big Magic here: