The Deliberate Creator - Camille Miller


If the job you love were to suddenly end, would you rather try to find another similar job, or would you try to build a business that brought together your best gifts with people you care about serving? Camille Miller was faced with this kind of decision, and she opted for the latter.  

Not knowing exactly what she was going to do, she started experimenting with different ideas and found her direction, leading to the role of coach, then community builder, and now she's adding soulful adventurer.  In this episode we learn:

** How a high-level membership program is born.

** How personal growth often leads to a shedding of old relationships.

** Deliberate creation isn't just sitting around thinking about what you want.

** How Camille creates strategy with no end game.

** The surprising arrival of a new home close to the beach when she wasn't really looking.

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