From Conservation to Copy Conversations - Sheena McInnes

A Frequently Asked Question for 2023 from people I talk to is - Is it too late to start a creative freelance career? With all the talk about AI, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and whatever the AI flavor of the day is, these friends are rightfully wondering if they've waited too long to get into the game. I don't think it's too late at all. In fact, people getting started now may have an advantage over people who've been at it a while.

Enter Sheena McInnes. Sheena is a copywriter who just got into the business in the latter part of 2022. Her first career path was literally in the wilderness as a conservationist and scientist. Ten years into the unpredictable weather patterns, large mosquitos, and non-human trail company (read large wild animals), Sheena found a coach and started looking for the next phase of her work life. She discovered freelance copywriting.

Departing from the usual format of teasing valuable goodness from seasoned veteran creators and entrepreneurs, in this episode, we'll hear from someone who is at the beginning of her path. Sheena is learning the ropes of a rapidly changing field, and she's experimenting with everything from finding gigs on LinkedIn, writing for agencies, and trying on the digital nomad lifestyle.

We will be talking about how she discovered copywriting and how it appealed to her. We'll talk about cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and finding mentors. And we'll talk more about how AI is changing the landscape and how people who learn to integrate it now into their creative work may well be at an advantage over those who don't.

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