Seasonal Depression and Me

2022 ended for me with a round of depression. This isn't a new thing and is likely seasonal, but it is still depression, and it's not exactly comfortable. After finishing the year and achieving what I'd set out for, I was at a loss for what I wanted to do next. When desires seemed out of reach, I knew it was a visit from my well-known companion.

Recognizing the signs, the first thing I did was allow myself a week off. I did a bare minimum of work-related activities and binge-watched a few shows on Netflix. One of the things I appreciate about great stories is that they give me a way to reconnect with humanity without having to have other humans in the room.

I also read some good fiction and that accomplished much the same thing. I didn't resist the urge to sleep, and I added a little bit more physical activity into my routine via yoga and some extra walking time with the dog.

Most importantly, I didn't try to force myself to feel anything different. I meditated and wrote a couple of journal entries, and ate some junk food. I know some of those things are discouraged, but when I'm depressed, the last thing I need is to force a fix. It will pass. If it doesn't pass, I'll see a doctor.

The good news is that it has passed, and my new year has begun in earnest.

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