Imagination and Emotion

Thanks for the supportive notes and calls after my video the other day talking about seasonal depression. I was telling a friend that one of the things that is hard when I'm feeling that way is that other people see it as a problem to solve or something broken to fix. That usually just makes it feel worse. Those of you who were able to just let me have the time I needed and my own process to work it out are appreciated beyond words.

I've mentioned these people before: 

Sydney Banks - The blue-collar Scotsman who spontaneously awakened and realized the relationship between thought and emotional experience.

Lester Levenson - The skeptical physicist who dove into relentless self-inquiry after his second heart attack at age 42, discovering a way to release emotional resistance and experience incredible freedom.

Esther Hicks - A spiritual seeker and experimenter who became an open channel for another realm as she learned to meditate.

I've learned something from each of them about how my thoughts and emotions interplay. More in the video about that.

When I'm in the lowest points of depression, it's not helpful to tell me that it's all just thinking and that everything will be fine if I think more positively. That can trigger homicidal ideations. Please don't ever do that. I've experienced it enough to know it will subside if I just leave it alone. Living with unease is probably the hardest part, but it's necessary.

I also know my propensity to imagine incredible catastrophes when in that state of mind. So thinking positively is not remotely possible at that stage. The thing that brings me out most easily is a feeling of connection with other people. At first, I find that through immersion in stories. And when I'm ready, making a connection with a trusted friend also makes a huge difference.

I can tell when it starts to lift when I feel myself returning to a place where I can feel desires again. And then it becomes easier to imagine myself doing the things I want to do, and I feel uplifted by that. 

Again, this isn't a suggestion for those experiencing long-term, or clinical depression. It's just for the occasional low-pressure front that many of us have. If it would help to have an understanding ear, please schedule at

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