Building a Creative Movement - Perry Knoppert

When his research led to finding a link between multi-passionate people and neurodiversity, Perry Knoppert ultimately created a movement. The Octopus Movement is, in Perry's words, a gathering of curious misfits. Now numbering over 2500 members from 60 countries, The Octopus Movement is a celebration of people who don't fit neatly into well-defined social structures and who share the common characteristic of nonlinear thinking.

In this episode of Your Own Best Company, Perry tells his story of losing everything as his first step to making anything possible. Our topics of conversation include:

** Finding a link between having multiple passions and neurodiversity.

** Making a place for nonlinear thinking in linear organizations.

** The common loneliness experienced by neurodivergent people.

** The challenges of nonlinear thinkers in employment and relationships.

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