When You're Not Good at Something

Even the most talented people have to practice their craft. No exceptions. There are muscles to develop and patterns to internalize, actions to turn into habits, and mistakes to unlearn. No one is exempt from this.

My clients who want to be good at business without having any business experience feel like they are failing, but they are just inexperienced. They expect to be good at sales and marketing without understanding how sales and marketing work. They want easy results with no learning curve.

Hell, I want easy results with no learning curve, too, but life doesn't work that way. Even with a natural aptitude for music, I still have to practice frequently to retain any level of competence. And if I don't practice, I get rusty.

If you are thinking you won't succeed because you're not good at something, you need to find a way to get good. Find a teacher or a coach, watch what the highly skilled people do and steal openly from them, and practice every day. You are going to get great at these things after you get through the early stages of suck. to get through those, you have to commit to mastering those skills.

I'm waving my magic wand and the spell I'm casting is to give you a greater desire for success than a desire to bail.

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