What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

I've been called the king of the one-liners and my humor tends toward the sarcastic and dry side. I'm surprised I haven't been beaten up more. I've also been called hard to get to know and Mister Mystery. 

For someone who feels like a good communicator, I still end up making a bad first impression a lot more often than I'd like. This habit of trying to get people to laugh at my sarcastic wit is one I probably need to retire. 

The most recent story of why is in today's Coffee Break. For anyone who doesn't know me very well, I never intend to mean any harm to anyone. If we both can keep from jumping too quickly to conclusions, we might just have a shot at being good friends.

#misunderstanding #communication #miscommunication

Today I recorded and produced this Coffee Break and tomorrow's Your Own Best Company Podcast. It's a good one featuring my friend, author and impresario Teresa Funke. And if you have been thinking about starting a podcast and would like to know how to get it done easily and inexpensively, get in touch here.