Waiting for Perfect Conditions

This Coffee Break is for all of us who get to the edge of the diving board and hesitate. We think we can make the jump but there's still a voice inside that tries to convince us we're not ready, this is dangerous, and we may not make it out alive. 

I bought my first home recording gear a long time ago. The thing I remember most is looking at it and then finding out that I "needed" something else to make my recordings sound more professional and polished, then I "needed" another thing to make my guitar tone sparkle, then I "needed" something else. Then when I made my first recording, it sucked - a lot and I didn't think I'd ever be able to make it sound good. But with practice, it got better and better.

I spoke with someone recently who wanted to write but had been taking several courses and wanted to wait until the courses were finished before they'd start to write. My encouragement was to go ahead and start.

Our minds create impossible scenarios for us that feel like they must be in perfect order before we act. It is a protection mechanism that many of us have and it has kept way too many people from realizing their creative dreams and potential.

The same thing goes for promoting the things we make, offer, and sell. Sometimes there is a part of us that wants to avoid failure by hesitating to act. If there isn't a legit reason to hesitate, act. Not acting because of fearing failure or rejection is de facto failure and rejection. 

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