Simple, Interesting, and Fun

The impending snow in Colorado has me thinking about preparedness. I'm not. I can't say that preparedness is one of my strong suits unless you count being prepared to improvise. 

If the plows get the roads cleared quickly enough I'll be giving an in-person talk at Desk Chair Workspace here in downtown Loveland. My topic is Marketing Lessons We All Learned In Kindergarten. It's a call to get back to simplicity and basics in the ways we bring our businesses and customers together.

We feel a lot of pressure to show up everywhere all the time and we rapidly find that it's not a sustainable business model or lifestyle. I think we can learn a lot by remembering how easy it was to start friendships when we were young. The same steps are what we use to build relationships with customers - Attract, Introduce, Share Enthusiasm, Find Things In Common, Make Invitations, Play Together, Create Memories.

It doesn't have to be more difficult than that. Let's get out of our heads for a while and remember how to play. Keep it simple, interesting, and fun.

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