Recommended: Quiet Marketing by Danielle Gardner

I only found out about Danielle Gardner in the past few weeks from a friend who heard her interviewed in Tad Hargrave's Marketing for Hippies group. I found her YouTube channel and watched several of her videos, particularly the ones on Human Design and the implications for Generator and Manifesting Generator types as they approach business. She also talked about her new book, Quiet Marketing: A Calm, Minimal Approach to Business and Online Visibility for Highly Sensitive Solopreneurs (Amazon Associate link: )

This is a short book that you can read in an hour, but I'm going to suggest reading it again and breaking it up into daily exercises and reflections by chapter. This book reaffirms many of my beliefs and experiences about business being as unique as your fingerprint. She describes her own process of challenging the validity of each area of her business with regard to her personality, gifts, and desires. I found her story inspiring and would have loved to have heard more. 

There are ways for quiet and sensitive people to successfully market their products and services. This book will help you start discovering your own ways, just like she has.

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