Out of Order


There may be one or two people who noticed I released the weekly interview episode a day early. I usually release those on Fridays to take advantage of the slow days in case I might show up on a chart somewhere. This week, I was in a pinch and decided to get it out a day early.

Without too much detail, our pup, Vinnie had surgery yesterday and I wasn't able to find the bandwidth to make a Coffee Break video. It got me thinking about how we manage commitments when there are challenging times. Some days we just have to push things aside and give our full attention to what in my case should be simple priorities. But it's still difficult to leave work alone.

Vinnie's surgery was successful and we're grateful we were able to get help when we did. It was a serious infection. But remembering to include self, family, pet, and plant care in our list of not only things to do, but priorities is an important thing to do.

My health continues to be an interesting ride. Things are stable and I'm lucky to have so many supports of every kind. Most fortunate to have Monica at home who can't let any symptoms slide by unnoticed. She's the most brilliant pain in my butt I've ever had.

Sometimes things happen in an order we didn't anticipate, and sometimes the things we intended can't happen at all. Jump back in at the next stop and carry on.

#lifehappens #furbabystory #takingbettercare