Is It Wisdom Speaking or Ego?

I believe we each have our own unique way of influencing other people. One of the benefits of discovering this way, what I call your unique marketing modality, is that it helps lower natural resistance to be more publicly visible and assertive. 

Resistance is a natural protective mechanism we all have, and highly sensitive people tend to have it even more acutely than others. While it's not a problem in itself, it becomes problematic if we let our resistance make our important decisions for us. The ego is doing its job to alert us to unfamiliar and possibly threatening circumstances.

In the same way we all have patterns of resistance, we also all have an inner source of wisdom that we can learn to tune into. For me, the voice of wisdom comes more quietly than resistance tends to, and I usually need to be in an open and receptive state of mind in order to hear it.

One of the things I like most about the marketing modality concept is that it lowers our natural resistance and allows us to do our promotional work from the same open and receptive state that we're in when our inner wisdom is present. We're able to work from a place of courage, confidence, and creativity that allows these activities to be enjoyable and effective. 

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