If Marketing Has Become Too Difficult

I've had so many clients, especially at the Larimer SBDC who have come to me ready to throw in the towel on their business because marketing has been too taxing and not effective. I've had others who have worn themselves out trying to learn new communication and technical skills that they don't have time for so that they can be more visible across social media platforms.

I'm not going to say you shouldn't learn new skills, but for marketing, I believe if you leverage the strengths and preferences you have in a strategic way, you'll be better off than sticking with the learning curve long enough to master it.

I landed on the concept of Your Unique Marketing Modality when I realized that I and my clients had better marketing experiences and results when we combined a few things in a highly intentional direction. As we all started to focus our marketing using our strongest communication skills, our influence and arena preferences, and our communities, great things started to happen. Marketing became fun again, it was easier to do, and the results were much more satisfactory.

I'm offering a God-awfully cheap workshop on February 25th and March 4th that will help you identify your marketing modality and then build a strategy around it that will deliver the results you're looking for. I want you to join me.

To enroll, go here: https://franklin-taggart-coaching.teachable.com/p/discover-your-unique-marketing-modality-zoom-workshop

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