Find Your Next Opportunity

If you're experiencing any lack or scarcity in your life or business, here's an experiment. It's based on a process therapist and speaker Barbara Sher used with encounter groups and other audiences for many years.

The experiment is simple. Get very clear on the opportunity you want. Write it down or record yourself describing it in as great a detail as you can. Identify any obstacles you perceive as being in your way. Then ask your community to help you find it.

I'm interested to see how this goes for you. Of course, I can't guarantee anything, but I find it remarkable how frequently this process works to help people get what they want.

The opportunity I want is to help two people who have been in business for one to three years who are finding their businesses difficult to maintain and sustain. I'm especially interested in helping people if their struggle has anything to do with marketing their products and services. If you or someone you know fits this description, contact me here to schedule a conversation. I'd like to find these two people before next Wednesday.

The talk I gave for Soulful Entrepreneurs Summit will be posted this week and available to all-access pass holders for the Summit. These passes are still available at for $97 and they include some incredible offers long with ongoing access to the Summit recordings.

Watch the Barbara Sher TEDxPrague talk here:

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