Every Discovery is Self-Discovery

A couple of recent conversations have me thinking about the nature of self-discovery. Our individual observations and perceptions are uniquely subjective, even in measurable situations. We each have our own experience of life that can't be easily duplicated or completely understood by anyone else. 

This isn't to say that self-discovery doesn't benefit other people. In discovering the 10,000 ways not to invent the light bulb, Edison found the one way that we all have used to interrupt our circadian rhythms. I'm just struck by the fact that my aha moments may only be for me and that yours are only for you, but there is pleasure in sharing them with each other.

I'm also curious about how discovering one thing also uncovers the opposite. In finding out something that is a good fit for my personality and preferences, I also find the things that aren't necessarily so.

My life will be nearing its end when I no longer want to discover new things that I didn't know before. And everything I learn about the world is a story about my experience of the world. This channel is a meager effort to share some of what I find and to encourage you to find a way to do the same.

Today I showed someone how to set up a Google Form as an embedded release of information on her website and in email. If you are looking for help with something like this, please get in touch.

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