A New Season - Creativity and Soul

I looked at the forecast for next week and saw high temps in the 60s starting to show up again. Spring is getting closer! I'm ready to have shoveled my last snow for the year.

It also feels like I've come into a Springlike season in my life. The last several years have had a lot of change and grief, along with a lot of reflection and introspection. Some of my limiting beliefs and habits have surfaced and I've been able to put them to rest, for at least a little while. What that leaves me with is a lot of energy, a lot of ideas, and a feeling of fresh optimism despite what else is going on in the world.

There are a lot of new seeds being planted in my life - new directions, new clients, and new ideas that capture my curiosity. I don't know where any of them will lead for sure, but I will follow them where they go.

I'm ready to tend my own soul more carefully and that's mostly what this Coffee Break is about. Finding ways to honor my own divinity and expressions of the same. Honestly, I'm as surprised as anyone else about how that happens. It's a part of the delight of being human.

There's also a short update about music and a few either things going on. I appreciate you spending your time with me. If you haven't already, would you please subscribe and share? Thanks!

Today I helped someone figure out how to navigate some of the recent changes on Facebook. There seem to be constant changes on that platform and many of them make it harder to use than before. If you're looking for someone to help you sort it out, get in touch here.

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