The Community of Your Business

I'll be speaking at the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit coming up January 24-28. My topic is Community: The Source of All Opportunity. I'd like to invite you to the summit. Prices start at free so you can attend at no cost but time. Check out the lineup at 

We are made for community and connection. Sometimes in business, I feel like we can get too focused on the linear, transactional way of doing things, but I believe there's merit to approaching our businesses as communities. I learned this in my music career, that while every fan who came to see me was having their own experience, part of what they were looking for was people to share the experience with. 

I think every business is a community. The distinction is important. In the coffee break today, I talk about creating marketing that doesn't have a single avatar but has a community as its target. That changes things in ways that might make a huge difference with your messaging. Your business gives people not only a product or service, but a group to belong to. 

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