Soulful Entrepreneur Summit - Amanda Mundo and Alison Proffit

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Are you one of the growing number of entrepreneurs who experience their business as an expression of their spirituality? Do values like passion, compassion, and joy drive the work you do in the world? Is meaning just as important to your bottom line as revenue? If so, The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit is an event you need to attend.

Alison Proffit and Amanda Mundo launched the first Soulful Entrepreneur Summit in 2021 to create a gathering for people like you – entrepreneurs who are committed to making the world a better place through their businesses. Their second version of the Summit is coming up January 24-28, 2022, and it is full of exciting and captivating experiences.

In this interview, we’ll hear about their inspiration and vision for the event, their learning along the way, and the amazing lineup of speakers and panelists they’ve brought together for this year’s gathering. VIP, All-Access, and Limited Access passes are available now at, and pricing for the five-day event starts at free.

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