Solitude vs. Isolation

If you're experiencing lack or scarcity in your business or work, one suggestion I have is to watch how isolated you are. One thing that a business, like we humans, needs is connection. We're designed to thrive in groups of all sizes and shapes. And we're also given a natural process to recover from trauma and pain that often includes periods of isolation.

In this Coffee Break, I'm thinking about the important distinction between isolation and solitude. Both have their place, but they're often confused. I heard Barbara Sher give a TEDx talk in which she said that isolation is the real opportunity killer, not attitude, and I think there is something to that.

If you're too isolated as you're starting and growing your business, you're going to have more struggles than those who are more well connected and active within the communities they serve. Before you take a marketing or sales class, first reach out to the people who need what you have. Those connections are going to make your business possible.

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