Selling High Ticket Products and Programs - Yifat Cohen

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If you have a product, service, or program priced over $3500.00, Yifat Cohen will help you sell many more of them. Yifat is a digital marketing pioneer and innovator who helps entrepreneurs create strategies and systems that routinely deliver remarkable revenue returns. How does she do it? In this interview she lets us look behind the curtain (spoiler alert: it’s all about using technology to build trusting relationships). 

Yifat, also known as The Wizard of Jackpot Moments, is an international speaker, a digital engagement expert, an online community builder, and a live video aficionado. She was one of the first non-Google employees to be invited to speak to actual Google employees about their own products. After building a large community on Google+, which disappeared from the social media realm with little warning, she has become an outspoken advocate for “not building on rented property.” In other words, build your own community and bring people there from wherever you find them.

Based in the Austin, Texas area, Yifat is also busy raising her son and spending her free time training in Krav Maga, a martial art developed by Israeli Defense Forces. Be sure to check out her widely popular multi-mediacast, I’m That Geek here:

More information about Yifat can be found at:

You can take advantage of her $99  Camera Confidence Bundle offer at: (fill out the form even though it says the offer is no longer available) 

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