Playing the Cards You're Dealt

There are certain things about life that we have very little control over. The inevitability of death, the basic level of intelligence we're born with, our personalities, and physical limitations are just a few of the cards we're dealt and have to learn to play with. 

Everyone's hand is unique from everyone else's so the strategy that works for anyone else will have to be adapted or scrapped according to the hand we're playing. The same is true in our businesses. They are as unique as our fingerprints, and while some of the activities are similar from business to business, there is a unique set of circumstances and traits that every business owner must learn to play with.

That was my motivation in developing the concept and practice of Marketing Modalities. I've seen that people who leverage their innate strengths and preferences in the way they bring their business into the world have a greater likelihood of success than when they try to use another person's blueprint.

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