Passion is Not a Reliable Guide

I don't think "follow your passion" is good career advice. At least for me, it hasn't been. We make the common mistake of thinking that our passion is caused by an activity or a circumstance, but passion, like every other emotion, is created by the quality of our thinking from moment to moment. 

The feeling of flow, presence, and transcendence is a simple shift in your consciousness to a state of mind in which thinking slows or stops - those moments when our self-consciousness fades into the background and our energy peaks. We mistakenly think that the activity was the reason for the feeling, but we could just as easily slip into a passionate state doing something else. That's why I suggest that passion isn't a reliable guide. 

I'll tell you more about your more reliable guide in this Coffee Break. If you are ready to discover and leap into the best expression of who you are, let's schedule a coaching session. Use the contact form on the about page and tell me where to send a calendar link.  

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