Oy! Not Passion Again!

I must have struck a nerve. Some Passionistas told me I'm full of something icky. Well, Ok then. I think they didn't watch the whole video. They only read the headline. So just in case you're wondering. I love passion. I enjoy it every day. But following your passion still isn't a great idea for career decision-making. 

Even the best hitters in baseball miss over two-thirds of their at-bats. Just because you love something once, doesn't mean you're going to love it the same way or at all another time. I love playing guitar and singing, but there are more nights than not that it's a less than passionate experience. Sometimes it's a downright slog. 

Does that mean I regret doing it for so long? No way! I'd do it again today, although I would probably do it differently and I would've shot higher so that I didn't have to carry my own gear. But passion wasn't the driving force. The things that drove me then and still drive me today are curiosity, intrigue, achievement, and more than anything else, possibility. Passion happens on the back end, not the front. 

If your passion is reliable, by all means, follow it. But listen to the whole spiel before you judge. Cool? Cool.

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