One Shovelful at a Time

I just cleared snow off our sidewalk and driveway and to my surprise found a metaphor I needed relating to a project I need to finish with some urgency. I love shoveling snow but as I've gotten older, it takes longer and I need more breaks. Today, I finished the walks pretty easily but I still had the driveway left to do, which takes a lot more energy. The only way to finish jobs like this is to keep moving one shovelful at a time until the job is done.

This is relevant for a talk I'm finishing for Thursday afternoon's appearance at Soulful Entrepreneur Summit. It's been an upgrade of a talk I did a couple of years ago, but what remained to be done was more like a driveway than a sidewalk. It's taken several weeks to get to this point but even a few days ago I wondered if I would ever finish. One shovelful at a time.

If you're in the middle of a project and you can't see the end yet, the best you can do is keep chipping away at it. We can only take one step at a time and I believe we should strive to find the best next step. If I can help you get your project finished, just get in touch.

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